8mm tape made on SUNOS 4.0.3, cannot be read with SUNOS 3.5.2

Jay Llewellyn jkl at eplrx7.uucp
Wed Jan 17 07:58:31 AEST 1990

	I currently have a problem reading 8mm tapes between two
different versions of the SUNOS.  My two active brain cells tell
be that this had been discussed at some point in the past.  If this 
topic has been covered in detail previously, and you have a summary 
please e-mail, otherwise here goes with the problem description.

	The two machines in question:

		4/260 running SUNOS 4.0.3
		3/160 running SUNOS 3.5.2

	Tapes make on the 3/160 can be read on both machines but,
the tapes made on the 4/260 can only be read by the 4/260.  When a
3/160 tape is tried on the 4/260 an I/O error occurs.  Both dump and
tar were tried, dd also fails with a I/O error. 

	Can this problem be overcome, without upgrading the 3/160,  
and how can it be done.

Thanks in advance.

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