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This hasn't hit comp.sys.sun yet ... so for all you eager beavers out

Please try grilling the marketiods for more info, before sending me
email. I'm not in charge. My involvement is limited to a talk on the
Care and Feeding of Compilers.

	       ============== SPARC Technology Conference =============

		3 Day Conference focusing on SPARC and Operating Systems.

					Day #1
		   Philosophy, Architecture, Semiconductor futures.
					Day #2
	 SPARC software: OS/V.4, SPARCWare, Compilers, Embedded Systems tools
					Day #3
	Distributed computing technologies, Windows, Licensing, Case studies

	Proposed Schedule:

	Jan 30-Feb 1 Santa Clara(*)
	Feb 13-15    Princeton, NJ(*)
	March 20-22  Taipei, ROC
	April 11-13  Tokyo, Japan(*)
	May 22-24    Boston, MA(*)
	June 6-8     Paris, France
	June 12-14   London, England
	June 19-21   Frankfurt, Germany
	July 24-26   Detroit(*)

	Seating will be limited to 150 attendees per conference.
	The schedule will be adjusted based on interest. Sites may be added in
	August and beyond, proposed locations include Washington, LA, Seoul and

	(*) locations already have enough attendees confirmed to constitute a

	Cost is $600. Refreshments will be served.
	For more information contact:  1 800 444 1SUN
	Or                          : bcureton at

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