Quattro SB2422 and UUCP

Andy Ingle andy at acorn.co.uk
Wed Jan 17 02:57:14 AEST 1990

In article <560 at bodie.advsys.UUCP> derek at advent.co.uk (Derek Mulcahy) writes:
>We have a number of customer sites with Dowty Quattro SB2422 modems.
>They are all connected to Sun's.  We use uucp for mail and file transfer.
>Most of the time uucp works just fine.  Sometimes it manages to login but when
>it starts the uucp transfer it just gives up.
> [rest of article deleted]

Do make sure that neither modem will recognise X-ON/X-OFF flow control
during uucp as sooner or later an X-OFF char will be sent as part of a
uucp or ack packet and the modem will just stop.

Another point about these modems is they will auto-set the baud rate
*and* *parity* from the first "AT" command they get. Once they think
the're getting even parity they will ignore any odd bytes.  Check that
dial-in modems get setup from a terminal with parity off, and dial-out
ones have a "P_NONE" (or similar) statement in the uucp chat script.

--Andy Ingle

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