Problem with 19 Inch Sony Color Monitor

Michael J. Edelman michaele at
Thu Jan 18 10:59:23 AEST 1990

I have a 19" color sony monitor on my Sun 4/330.  I'm on the third
monitor now.  The problem [with all of them] has been that the image
area is not "square" -- in the sense that all the corner angles are not
90 degrees.

As you face the monitor, the left edge of the image flares out at the
top and the bottom:

         |  \--------- |
         | |         | |
         | |         | |
         | |         | |
         | |         | |
         |  /--------- |

The result is the the left-most inch-or-so of the screen is distorted.

As I said above, this is the third monitor that I have had, and they
have all had the problem to some degree (the current monitor is better
than all the previous ones).

The local CE thinks that the problem may be inherent in the monitors.
I find that hard to believe, so I would like to hear from others with
this monitor as to whether or not they have the same problem.

More importantly: does anyone have a 19" sony color monitor that does
not have this problem?

Thanks [in advance],

Michael Edelman
Tektronix, Inc.

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