Running OpenWindows in color on cg8?

William M Barnick x73638 barnick at sunshine.Kodak.COM
Thu Feb 7 00:49:43 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb5.201245.4717 at> pashdown at writes:
>Does anyone know how to get OpenWindows in 4.1.1 to come up in COLOR on a CG8
>buffer?  Black and white isn't much fun.
According to what I understand OpenWindows does not yet support any 24-bit
board (except on the mono-bit plane).  In theory this will be resolved in the
next release of OpenWindows.  Hopefully the release will be soon.

Also, if you did not notice,  even though OpenWindows claims to be able to
run SunView applications;  the statement is not entirely true especially
when talking about 24-bit planes.  Running a 24-bit SunView application on
OpenWindows usually causes a system crash (at least with our application).

See Ya ...

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