For Sale: Sun SIMMs (3/60 & Sparc) 1Meg & 4Meg

Brad Albom brada at bardlover.Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Feb 8 07:38:33 AEST 1991

We have a fair number of 1Meg and 4Meg SIMMs compatible
with Sun 3/60 or Sparcstations available for sale.
Asking prices are as follows:

4Meg for Sparc: ...................... $  225.00
1Meg for Sparc or 3/60: .............. $   45.00

We may discount these prices for large purchases,
so feel free to make us an offer.

They are all warrantied for 90 days.

We also have a number of Sun 3/60's and Sun Compatible
Shoeboxes, SMD disks and 9 Track tape drives available.
email us for more info.

-brad albom
Software Engineering Solutions, Inc
Office: (707) 552-5248    - Probably get our machine
Office: (415) 969-0141    - Probably get a secretary
FAX   : (415) 961-3050    - Probably get a high pitched tone
email : brada at - Best Bet

Disclaimer: This ad is in no way associated with 
Sun Microsystems who have been kind enough to provide
me with net access.

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