How Broken is Sun Fortran (Summary)

Richard Stead stead at beno.CSS.GOV
Thu Feb 7 07:38:29 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb4.194628.12615 at>, eloranta at (Jussi Eloranta) writes:
> on Fortran 1.3.1 I've found the following problems:
> 1) Sometimes loader complains about mysterious 'mcount' symbol...
>    I checked the program and it didn't have a symbol with that name.

[ one more specific complaint, and some vague complaints deleted ]

I don't know about your other complaints, but this one is due to compiling
some of your code for profiling, but linking it non-profiling.  The mcount
variable is used by the profiler.  Compile and link your code either with
or without profiling, but don't mix it.  This is not specific to Fortran 1.3.1.

> And all these were found during 4 days. So there is probably more to come :-(

If they are all like this first one, the rest of us have nothing to worry

> And they call it fortran compiler ...?

No, the thing that uses mcount they call a profiler.

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Center for Seismic Studies
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