Copying O/S distribution tapes

James Warner Adams adams at
Sun Feb 10 11:02:35 AEST 1991

Forgive me if this is a naive question, but I didn't notice anything in
the docs on this (I only have the online man pages).

Is there some way to make an identical copy of the SunOS 4.1.1
distribution tapes?  I don't want to keep using the original ones I got
from Sun.  I'd like to make a backup copy to use and then store the
original tapes offsite.

dd will copy the tape, but it stuffs everything into one output file. 
Using dd on a file-at-a-time basis would mean waiting for the tape to
rewind 28 times.  I could write a C program, but I was wondering if
there's just a simple command to copy tapes with multiple files in
non-tar or cpio format.

BTW, this is on a Sun 3/60 with a 141 MB disk/60 MB tape shoebox and a
second 600 MB SCSI disk, so I will need to copy to a scratch file on
the disk and then back to the new tape.

Also, does anyone know how Sun maps SCSI addresses?  I have the second
disk jumpered to SCSI address = 1 and it shows up as /dev/st2 when the
system boots.

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