a better mouse for SparcStation

William M Barnick x73638 barnick at sunshine.Kodak.COM
Thu Feb 7 01:00:42 AEST 1991

In article <LAKIN.91Feb5165336 at csli.stanford.edu> lakin at csli.stanford.edu (Fred Lakin) writes:
>I am plagued by the occasional horizontal jerkiness problem. I understood
>that Sun would just send a replacement, but this seems not to be the case.
>In the meantime, is there any fix? Like taking it apart and adjusting
>something, or is it a chip problem?
The technical explanation I got when two of our mice went bad was that there
are two transmitting LEDs in the mouse.  One is visible, the other is IR
(non-visible).  One of these LEDs is loosing transmitting power over time
and causes the problems you described.  I suppose you could try fixing it
yourself if you knew which LED to replace and what the replacement LED
is suppose to be.

I simply returned mine to our local sales rep.

See Ya ...

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