Can someone tell me where to find nlock?

Pete Young pyoung at
Thu Feb 7 02:40:23 AEST 1991

I'm looking for a program called nlock, which is a lockscreen program
that allows the user to display a message. It runs under sunview and I
think it may have been distributed on one of the SUG tapes.

Can anybody tell me if it is available for ftp, and if so , where from?

Better still, is there some kindly soul that would like to send me
a copy? Because of the way this node is set up, I can't ftp - I have to
ask the computer support team to do it for me.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


  Pete Young         pyoung at        Phone +44 473 645054
  British Telecom Research Labs,SSTF, Martlesham Heath IPSWICH IP5 7RE

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