copying SunOS distribution

James Warner Adams adams at
Sun Feb 10 16:20:08 AEST 1991

Well, I guess I should RTFM after all :-).

Anyway, Jim Putnam at Sun clued me in:

Just use the /dev/nrst? device so it doesn't rewind.  Figure out how
many files are on the tape (I had already done this - use
/usr/etc/install/toc_xlat) and then just dd them to separate files.

I had just been looking at dd and mt, etc. and hadn't expected to find
anything but ioctl's in the sd and st man entries.  Silly me!  After
getting his note, I also checked sd and found that evidently the SunOS
SCSI host adapter assumes that each disk controller can support 2
drives.  Therefore, a controller address of 1 nets you /dev/sd2.
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