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Robert Thurlow thurlow at
Sun Feb 10 03:18:13 AEST 1991

In <ramsey.666056384 at sundance> ramsey at (Susanne Ramsey) asks:
[Will the world break if I move the stuff in /tftpboot?]

>From my experience, I think you'll be fine, as long as you check your
work with tftp.  I'd suggest just replacing /tftpboot with a symbolic
link to where the disk space is; as long as tftpd can get there, you
should be fine.  One caveat: starting tftpd with -s is a problem
for SPARC workstations, which decided to change the rules and ask for
"/tftpboot/XXXXXXXX.SUN4C"; because tftpd does a chroot(2), it can't
lookup that path.  The workaround is ridiculously simple - just add
another symlink in the tftpd directory with tftpboot -> . and you'll
be fine.  The fix is very simple with respect to the time it can take
to find this for the first time :-)

Rob T
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