cgsix problem

William M Barnick x73638 barnick at acadia.Kodak.COM
Wed Feb 6 07:03:01 AEST 1991

In article <556 at opus.NMSU.Edu> sberger at ( Steve Berger ) writes:
>We have a SUN 4  here with a cgsix video board.
>When first booted, it comes up fine, the screen colors get
>set to white on black.
>After suntools is used, and exited, the screen enters a weird
>It's sort of reverse video, it's white on black, but the space
>bar whites things out as it goes along, creating white bars
>and such.
>Has anyone else seen this problem?  If so, is there any way to fix it?
It sort of sounds to me like you have a board newer than your OS.  The
cgsix seems to work best in a SparcStation2 running SunOS4.1.1.  We
once tried a cgsix in a SparcStation1+ with SunOS4.1 and had very
similar results to what you have described.

See Ya ...

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