Sendmail and local uucp

Jack Dixon jcd at
Mon Feb 11 20:13:48 AEST 1991

I have a modem attached to my workstation and set it up to use uucp.  But
I haven't been able to get sendmail to send mail using this local uucp
connection.  According the Sun System & Network Administration manual
all I need to do on the subsidiary machine is to edit
and add the systems I want to be accessed using local uucp.  So I added
the line:

# local UUCP connections -- not forwarded to mailhost

But it had no effect on sendmail at all.  (Yes, I restarted the sendmail
demon.  I even rebooted.)

Whether I send mail to spock!jcd or jcd at spock, sendmail still hands the
mail off to the mailhost.  Could someone tell me what I did wrong?  Thanks.
Jack Dixon,  AT&T
{ ...!att!vogon!jcd, jcd at }

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