How Broken is Sun Fortran (Summary)

John Prentice john at
Fri Feb 8 10:00:53 AEST 1991

In article <49413 at seismo.CSS.GOV> stead at beno.CSS.GOV (Richard Stead) writes:
>> And all these were found during 4 days. So there is probably more to come :-(
>If they are all like this first one, the rest of us have nothing to worry
>> And they call it fortran compiler ...?
>No, the thing that uses mcount they call a profiler.

Unfortunately, not all of 1.3.1's problems are so simple.  Trust me, you
have something to worry about.  I hope Sun does a better job of testing 1.4
before they release it than they did 1.3.1.  The number of and nature of the
bugs in 1.3.1 are unpardonable for a Fortran compiler from  a company as
well established as Sun.  

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