Running OpenWindows in color on cg8?

Steve Parker stparker at
Thu Feb 7 03:20:53 AEST 1991

barnick at sunshine.Kodak.COM (William M Barnick x73638) writes:

>In article <1991Feb5.201245.4717 at> pashdown at writes:
>>Does anyone know how to get OpenWindows in 4.1.1 to come up in COLOR on a CG8
>>buffer?  Black and white isn't much fun.
>According to what I understand OpenWindows does not yet support any 24-bit
>board (except on the mono-bit plane).  In theory this will be resolved in the
>next release of OpenWindows.  Hopefully the release will be soon.

	I have Openwindows running on my CG9, right now!  I got the patches
for the CG8/CG9 and applied them to the MIT X11R4 release.  With the CG8/CG9
server, I can then run olwm and then have openwindows running on the CG9.
I believe that this would also work with the CG8.

	It is openwindows, but not everything works.  Of course, nothing that
fiddles with the color map works, the properties window does not come up,
the days do not get numbered on the calander manager, and the faces of the
icons are not draw properly.  It is also somewhat slow.  It is nice, however,
to have openwindows on the machine.

	I have not tried running sunview applications over it, but my guess
is that it would not work, since this is the Xsun server, and not the xnews

	I do not have the location for the CG8/CG9 patch tapes with me, but
I will reply to e-mail from any interested parties.  I am also willing to
be of any assistance in the effort.

	Good Luck 24 bitters!

		Steven G. Parker
		sgp at

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