How to disable break key on console?

Mike McFaul mikey at
Thu Feb 7 14:20:51 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb6.195059.18763 at> wv at (william.e.duncan) writes:
>We've got a couple of 4/280's with dumb terminals as
>consoles. Is there any way to disable the break key
>so it won't bring the system down to the boot prompt?
>Bill Duncan
>bill at

Well it depends on how much you value your 'dumb' terminal. We have a VC404
on our sun server and I riped the break key right off the keyboard. Well
that wasn't enough, our operators kept reaching into the keyboard to hit that
break key. Finally I put a plastic cover over it and taped it down -- you
have to lift it to hit break. Take it from me a sign on the keyboard saying
"don't touch" invariably causes people to hit it.

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