union initialization

utzoo!decvax!duke!harpo!seismo!hao!menlo70!sytek!zehntel!tektronix!tekmdp!bronze!grahamr utzoo!decvax!duke!harpo!seismo!hao!menlo70!sytek!zehntel!tektronix!tekmdp!bronze!grahamr
Fri Dec 17 16:04:06 AEST 1982

Consider the declaration

	union utag {
		char *p;
		char c[4];

Currently, initialization of unions is not allowed by the
language.  How about allowing initialization with this:

	union utag u.c = "foo";

It would declare u and initialize the bits in it that belong
to member c as shown.  Leftover bits are set to 0.  This syntax
naturally disallows initialization of more than one member.

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