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Steve Serocki asked how "c" came to be called "c".  Dave Levenson's
article which mentioned BCPL was on the right track.  C derives from B,
and was briefly called `NB'.  The BSTJ paper on `The C Programming
Language' has a section entitled `The Linguistic History of C' which
	`The C language in use today is the product of several years of
	evolution. Many of its most important ideas stem from the
	considerably older, but still quite vital, language BCPL
	developed by Martin Richards. The influence of BCPL on C
	proceeded indirectly through the language B, which was written
	by Ken Thompson in 1970 for the first UNIX system on the

(i.e., the PDP-7 UNIX didn't have C, it used Thompson's B language).
This appears on page 1992 of the article cited below. (I've omitted
footnote references from the article; you should read the original for
more info).

%A Dennis M. Ritchie
%A S. C. Johnson
%A M. E. Lesk
%A B. W. Kernighan
%T The C Programming Language
%J The Bell System Technical Journal
%V 57
%N 6
%D July-August 1978

Hope this helps,
Ian Darwin, Toronto

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