Make-like features

wcl wcl
Fri Dec 17 15:52:38 AEST 1982

The most useful make-like feature I have ever seen was a program called
'con', written by Tom Duff at New York Institute of Technology
Computer Graphics Lab.  It would look for a line of the form

	/*% compile_command...

and run the "compile_command".  Substitutions such as '$' for the
basename of the current file were allowed.  This syntax was compatible
both with C, and the PDP11 assembler (which starts comments with a '/').
It general enough to fill in the low-end gap under make, and can
be ported to systems without a "con" program (just look for the line
yourself and type it in!).  Thus it self-documenting.

Oh, in case I didn't make it clear, all "con" looks for is "/*%". 

			Bill Lindemann
			AMPEX Corporation

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