C cross-compilers for micros - (nf)

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Thu Dec 23 00:11:23 AEST 1982

cmcl2!tihor    Dec 22 00:41:00 1982

Ideally you would like a setup such as the one Whitesmiths designed with 
one multipass C compiler and several asm phases one per machine.  At this
point you have only the cost of recoding some small set of high performance
or kernal flavored library functions, a standard assembler or assembler
front end, and, if desired, object level tools like asmopt and adb.

There is none the less that cost in adding another C system to your list,
although if the numbers seem to grow fast enough then you ought to be
able to afford source licenses for all the necessary pieces from whomever.
By using a common middle ground (the common intermediary code) you
reduce a N * M problem to a N + M problem.  If there are enough machines
and chips involved then it certainly makes more sense to hire a compiler/
assembler writer rather than a lawyer to take care of it all.

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