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Tue Nov 2 09:59:20 AEST 1982

	The C-class extension is described in SIGPLAN NOTICES Jan82.

Please do not mail me for information before reading that.
An experimental implementation (known as the class preprocessor) is available
to universities on request.  It is in use at about 50 BTL and 35 non-BTL sites.
I'm debugging a proper compiler implementaion.
In addition to the class related features it implements:
	inline functions,
	declaration of argument types in extern function declarations
	constants (of all data types)
	allocation of free store specified by type (e.g. p = new struct foo; )
It will eventually allow overloading of binary operators on class objects.

Whether it will ever become ``just plain C'' is unknown.

	- Bjarne Stroustrup (BTL, MH)

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