"Oh no! Not more on braces"

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Wed Nov 17 17:33:03 AEST 1982

Sorry, but here's my two cents worth.
I use:
	for (.....)
for a few reasons.  I used to use:
	for (.....) {
	} & eve }
but I found that changing one line changed the meaning of other statements.
This is like the Pascal controversy about whether the semi-colon should
be a statement terminator or separator.  As a separator, changing one
line can affect the meaning of others, especially  with if-then statements.
So I like to block blocks of statatements so they can be moved around
independent of others.  Putting the { on the same line as the super-
statement makes commands in vi line >% impossible (fyi, that means move
this brace and all up to the one matching it over).

As far as readability goes.  I think all the forms are roughly equivalent.
I have little trouble understanding anyones style if it is uniform.

This is interesting.  I guess most here know about cb, that crummy
C pretty-printer.  Well try this:
	cp `whereis cb` .
	bc cb.c > cb2.c
	diff cb.c cb2.c
I don't know about your versions, but our's are different.  Hmmm.
	gary perlman	hm 5d-105	x-3624	mhb5b!gsp

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