Why gripes about C enums should be taken in context

bruner bruner
Wed Nov 10 19:12:28 AEST 1982

Ah, fond memories of days gone by.  The most significant thing that
I remember about V6 C was:

	Not only was there no "long" (or "short" for that matter)
	but there was no "unsigned".  A common method of obtaining
	an unsigned integer was to use a pointer to character.
	Pointers were often considered to be equivalent to integers.
	(At least, many programs used them interchangeably.  There
	were no type casts at that time.)

I remember first reading about C in the Beginner's Guide to UNIX(tm)
and how wonderful it was supposed to be.  I was pretty skeptical
of these claims until I had written my first couple of programs.
After that it was C all the way.

--John Bruner

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