Error Checking in C

utzoo!decvax!harpo!duke!unc!tim utzoo!decvax!harpo!duke!unc!tim
Mon Nov 1 23:36:26 AEST 1982

Although it is fairly easy to use adb or sdb on a
core image, a traceback would do the same thing
both (a) more easily and (b) for novice users who
don't know adb from a giant ant. I struggled along
for weeks after moving to UNIX before discovering
the debuggers' proper use. In any case, the messages
"segmentation fault" and "bus error" are atrocities:
for most of us, they were a total mystery for a while.
Even now, I only know what they are, I don't know why
they're called that.

People seem to be willing to suggest introducing error
handlers into C without giving any idea of the desired
syntax or explaining why they don't like signal(2).
I would like to see the default error handlers extended,
but I have no problems with using signal. Perhaps a
slightly modified signal should be made part of the

					Tim Maroney

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