C style - some ideas

utzoo!decvax!cca!fortune!kiessig utzoo!decvax!cca!fortune!kiessig
Wed Oct 27 18:48:29 AEST 1982

	My preferance for braces is:

	if (expr) {

	The reason being that context is important when working on
a program, and the fewer uneeded blank lines (I use blank lines more
as logical delimeters than anything else), the more I can get on the
screen when I'm in the editor.

	And for "null loops", I prefer:

	while (expr)

	This seems to stand out well, and isn't as annoying as

	And I have another one that hasn't been brought up.  In C,
"return" is NOT a function.  So the syntax "return(x);" seems to
me to be wrong.  I prefer "return x;".

Rick Kiessig

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