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utzoo!decvax!harpo!npoiv!alice!sjb utzoo!decvax!harpo!npoiv!alice!sjb
Sat Oct 23 07:36:45 AEST 1982

Oh come on, why are people suggesting forcing others to abide
by their style of coding?  If you read the second sentence in
Kernighan/Ritchie, it says:

	But its absence of restrictions and its generality
	make it more convenient and effective ...

Fine, people working on a project together should decide just
what style to use, so that everyone in the group can read the
code, and people writing code that they think or know others
may have to read in the future should keep in mind that it
should be neat and easy to read, but why restrict other people?
To make a change now would lead to thousands of heartaches when
people go to recompile their old code and break their old
habits when writing new code.

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