Dissent on a C style rule - aesthetic?

utzoo!decvax!yale-com!doehring utzoo!decvax!yale-com!doehring
Wed Oct 27 04:04:45 AEST 1982

I don't agree with having the '{' on a separate line when you have 
lots of blocks, this is mainly because here at Yale, we have FANTASTIC
screen editors on both our DEC-20s and our VAXEN, Z for the former and
WIN on the later ( Win will also run on VMS systems ).  
Both of these editors have a nice little feature called paren balance
which will find the open (,{, or [ which is matched to your present 
cursor postion and move the cursor to that character.  If it matches 
one which is not on the current screen, it will show the matching LINE
on the bottom of the screen and when I see 
it really tells me nothing, while
	if ( ave < total ) {
tells me EXACTLY what I matched.
Also, I like the look of the above code more than having an extra 
line following the control statement, but it is up to the individual
as long as it is READABLE.  

					Martin S. Doehring, '83

P.S.- I also like to have the close brace even with the code it is 
	closing, rather than the control statement, it makes 
	if / else statements easier to understand.
Oh, well, I guess the editor escape didn't work.....

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