Funny braces

utzoo!decvax!ittvax!sii!mem utzoo!decvax!ittvax!sii!mem
Tue Oct 26 01:45:55 AEST 1982

Well, here I am, finished laughing at the couple of articles sniping
at us who think discussing braces is important.  But then, why do
I think that is funny?  I am constantly being annoyed by the attitude
which holds that style is a trivial issue.  I doubt that
anyone was trying to preach coding styles; consistency and readability
are what count, in whatever way achieved.  

Modifications in my own style will come from my choosing a (subjectively)
better style; whether by examining good or bad code or by being otherwise
convinced, somehow, that a style is good.  Or by edict from above.
I appreciate the chance to have read all about braces.

Mark Mallett

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