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Sat Apr 2 20:13:44 AEST 1983

The difficulty many people find in mastering C, especially without
assembly language experience, is a string argument for coding systems in
ore than one language. Thus the nitty gritty like malloc, or device
drivers could be written in C, and the actual algorithms that are the
basis of the program could be coded in, say, Modula 2.

This project management method requires careful planning, so that you
don't wind up recoding modules in C just because you really need some
bit twiddling hack and can't afford to make a call to get it done for

There are other ways of improving C programming technology. This past
January I gave a winter term seminar on a design for doing Flavor-like
object oriented programming in C. With such an environment, the methods
that maintain arrays can be as protective as they wish about the bounds
of that array.

If anyone out there would like to establish correspondence with me about
advanced programming technology in C, please drop me a line either at

	genradbolton!ccc!zrm	or
	zrm at mit-mc


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