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Fri Apr 15 10:13:52 AEST 1983

Regarding the recent query about C under VMS, we have had some experience
with two compilers.

The first is C from DEC itself. It is expensive ($7500) but very good. It
generates excellent code and the library supports all of the unix calls in
chapters 2 and 3, near as I can tell. It is intended for unix types - there is
one little book, 5x8", 500 pages, that contains all you need to know about
vms as well as C to use the package. Beats having to read the 6ft of vms
manuals first.

The second VMS C we have used is from Whitesmiths, Ltd. It is not as good a
compiler, though the code is usually correct. It is much less expensive
($850?), but they have their own version of stdio. They also have compilers
for RSX, RT11, and a pretty good assortment of cross-compilers for various
micros. I have sort of lost touch with them as we have not used their stuff
for a year or so but it was quite usable.

	Whitesmiths, Ltd.
	Parkway Towers,'B', 485 US Route 1 So.
	Iselin, NJ  08830 	(201) 750-9000

elwood downey, kitt peak national observatory, 950 n. cherry ave, tucson, az
               (602) 325-9221

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