C Reference Card

tektronix!tekecs!stevenm tektronix!tekecs!stevenm
Fri Apr 1 09:58:55 AEST 1983

I have seen the SSC C reference card, and I found it very
disappointing.  It contained simple information about C syntax (that
any moderately experienced C coder would already know), and the calling
sequences on a few of the most often used library routines.  The only
useful thing was the list of printf() keychars.

I suspect that anyone with more than a passing acquantaince with C
would also be disappointed, but it's your $2.50.

Incidentally, if anyone sees a reference card with the calling sequence
of all of the C library (section 2 and 3) let me know, I'd love one of
those. I've been coding C for 6 years, and I still don't remember the
calling sequence to some of the string routines!

S. McGeady

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