CP/M C implementations

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Wed Apr 13 20:56:01 AEST 1983

Since many people seem interested in running C on their home computers or
other small systems,  I have tried to keep a table of C features.  This
list originally appeared in the journal of big board users (Micro Cornucopia)
[highly recommended].  Please send me any corrections.


Feature	      |	Smallc	Smallc+	Q/C	C80	Supersoft	BDS C	AZTEC
Operators	most	most	all	all	all		all	all
Arrays		oned	oned	oned	nd	nd		nd	nd
  char/int	y	y	y	y	y		y	y
  short		n	n	y	n	n		n	n
  unsigned	n	n	n	y	y		y	y
  pointer	y	y	y	y	y		y	y
  long		n	n	n	n	n		n***	y
  float,double	n	n	n	n	n		n***	y
  extern	n	n	y	y	y		y	y
  static	n	n	y	y	n		n	y
  register	n	n	n	static	static		static	Z80 only
structure	n	n	n	y	y		y	y
union		n	n	n	n	n		y	?
intialize	n	n	y	y	n		n	y
casts		n	n	n	n	?		n	?
  control	most	all	all	all	all		all	all
#define		y	y	y	y	y		y	y
#include	y*	y*	y	y	y		y	y
#ifdef/ifndef	n	n	y	y	y		y	y
#if/else/endif	n	n	y	y	y		y	y
#asm/endasm	y	y	y	y	y		n	?
   asm/mac	y	n	y	y	y		n	asm**
   m80/l80	n	y	y	y	y		n	y
   object	n	n	n	n	n		y	n
Source?		y	y	y	n	n		n	n
Price:		$20	$24	$95	$50	$200		$150	$199

* Includes can not nest, also funny syntax in some versions of Small C.
** Assembler/linker supplied with BDS C.
*** BDS C has some libraries to handle float and long types, but not
    an intrinsic part of the language.

   I do not have actual experience with all these languages, this is from other

Vendor Information:
   If you can not find any of these advertised, I can give contact information.
Note: Smallc version is in public domain, can send it to you over uucp.

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