NEW PRODUCT: C Library Reference Booklet

Ira Chayut ira at teltone
Sun Aug 21 20:06:10 AEST 1983

The "C Library Reference for UNIX" lists the library functions available
to the C programmer (sections 2 and 3 of the "UNIX User's Manual").  The
booklet is 16 pages long with functionally grouped entries and an alpha-
betically sorted index at the front.  The cover the the booklet is a
copy of the "C Programming Reference Card".

For more information or pricing, contact SSC, PO Box 7, Northgate Station,
Seattle, WA 98125, (206) 367-UNIX.

Caveats: UNIX is a trademark of Bell Laboratories
         Teltone is *NOT* connected with this product, please contact SSC
             via postal mail or phone if you have any questions
         The above was a new product announcement.

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