Array by value - (nf)

hamilton at uiucuxc.UUCP hamilton at uiucuxc.UUCP
Mon Aug 22 13:39:02 AEST 1983

uiucuxc!hamilton    Aug 21 17:32:00 1983

regarding the value of the array assignment expression, this
made me wonder what the compiler does for structure assignments.
i tried this (4.1a BSD cc):

	struct { int x, y, z ; } a, b;

	if ((a = b) != 0)

and got the diagnostic "operands of != have incompatible types".
(btw, this compiler generated a movc3 instruction for the actual copy.)
	wayne ({decvax,ucbvax}!pur-ee!uiucdcs!uiucuxc!)hamilton

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