Breaking out of labeled statements - (nf)

preece at uicsl.UUCP preece at uicsl.UUCP
Wed Aug 31 12:37:59 AEST 1983

uicsl!preece    Aug 30 11:13:00 1983

The SAIL language allows the BEGIN and END 'statements' to be
followed by string constants. Those constants are then matched
by the compiler, making missed delimiters very easy to identify
and fix, and can be used in break and continue statements.

Another thing that would be very useful in case statements
would be a 'recase'  verb, which would restart the enclosing
switch (i guess in C it would be 'reswitch'). It is often useful
to be able to recognize some cases as only minor variants of
others, and process them by using a prologue for one variant
followed by the existing case treatment shared between them.
A reswitch verb would make this trivial.

scott preece

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