C on Lisp Machines query

Kendall kendall at wjh12.UUCP
Mon Aug 15 12:41:54 AEST 1983

Does anyone know anything about C on the Symbolics (or other) Lisp
Machine?  I am particularly interested in the modifications to the
standard C model of storage necessary to run C in a Lisp dataspace, if
that is done.  How are pointers represented?  What restrictions are made
on their use?  What error-checking comes "for free", as a by-product of
the storage model?  Reply to me, and I will summarize to the net.

	Sam Kendall			{allegra,ihnp4}!wjh12!kendall
	Delft Consulting Corporation	  decvax!genrad!wjh12!kendall

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