Breaking out of labeled statements - (nf)

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Tue Aug 30 11:03:35 AEST 1983

>	Labeled breaks sound reasonable, but leave it at that please.
>I had the excruciatingly unpleasant experience of working in a language
>called ECL (or EL1 -- your choice) at Harvard. Among other unpleasantries
>the language supported labeled blocks that you could break out from anywhere
>within the block (even from subroutines called within the block) with
>some command like "=> <label>".  The language was written in such a way
>that you were occasionally forced to use this construction -- and it
>was a roaring pain to debug.
>Craig Partridge

The language was called EL/1, the support package was called ECL.
It's all in what you're used to:  I found the language quite easy to
use and debug.  Certainly easier than tracing down longjmps and gotos.
John Quarterman, CS Dept., University of Texas, Austin, Texas
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