Another cpp bug

Kendall kendall at wjh12.UUCP
Wed Aug 17 11:27:28 AEST 1983

There is another bug in the cpp.  The filename part of #line directives
should have the current include path prepended.  If a source file
#include's "dir/header.h", and dir/header.h has a statement
	#line 1 "newname.h"
then the cpp should output at that point NOT
	# 1 "newname.h"
	# 1 "dir/newname.h"

Has anyone fixed this bug?  It is not fixed in System V.

	Sam Kendall			{allegra,ihnp4}!wjh12!kendall
	Delft Consulting Corporation	  decvax!genrad!wjh12!kendall

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