C books?

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Wed Aug 17 11:15:05 AEST 1983

        The Portable C Compiler  T-127-1979
        Classes:  An Abstract Data-type Facility for the C Language  T-127-2027
        Design of an Abstract Data Type Facility for the C Language  T-127-2111
        Enhanced C Language  T-368-1002
        C on the Tandem 16  T-135-2014
        C Programming Language  T-127-2010
        STS:  A Portable C Symbolic Debugger  T-364-1031
        STS:  A Portable C Symbolic Debugger  P-364-1016

        (Bell Laboratories Talks and Papers 1980, Information Alerting
        Systems Group x3604 MH6A-312, Libraries and Information Systems Center
        Technical Information and Visitors Programs Division Bell Telephone
        Laboratories, Ref621.3801 B B4 1980 Bell Laboratories Library Network)

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