Documentation for C compiler.

utzoo!decvax!duke!unc!reh utzoo!decvax!duke!unc!reh
Fri Feb 11 15:55:25 AEST 1983

	A commented version of the C compiler or documentation
about the C compiler is needed.
	We are developping an option to the C compiler to produce
an extensive cross-reference file, by inserting subroutine calls
at the appropriate places within the compiler.
	The only descriptions  of the C compiler that we have
are the two articles, "Tour through the UNIX C compiler" and "Tour through
the portable C compiler".  Our C compiler's code uses mnemonic names,
but only has limited comments.
	Please send any suggestions to:
		duke!unc!reh  or  reh.unc at udel-relay     .

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