Wanted C compiler for CP/M system

utzoo!decvax!decwrl!amd70!clif utzoo!decvax!decwrl!amd70!clif
Tue Feb 1 16:50:16 AEST 1983

	Does anyone know where I can obtain a C compiler which produces
code for 8080/85 micro P and runs under CP/M?  Basically, I am
looking for a true "C" compiler which is very close Kernighan and
Ritchie's definition of the language and has UN*X-like I/O. 
Either a compiler which runs under CP/M or UN*X C compiler which
produces 8080/85 code is acceptable.  I am particularly interested in 
any comments about SuperSoft Associates C compiler and 
Infosoft Systems Inc's compiler.  
	We presently have Whitesmiths C compiler which has very non
UN*X-like I/O, and the BDS C compiler, which is fine except it doesn't
support static variables and externs are global for every module.  

	If your company make such creature please call me or mail me some 

					As they say in netland thanxs in advance.
					Clif Purkiser {ucbvax decwrl}!amd70!clif
					Advanced Micro Devices M/S 6 (AMD)
					3340 Scott Blvd 
					Santa Clara, CA. 95051
					(408) 988-7777 x327

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