order of evaluation parse date string

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Fri Feb 25 17:18:54 AEST 1983

	No, it doesn't answer my question (question was about a statement
like "table[i++]=i++", proposed answer was that K&R page 50 says
order of evaluation is compiler-dependent).

	My question (and I think I stated it pretty clearly) is :
Is the compiler free to evaluate PART of one expression, then PART of
another, then FINISH the first one, then FINISH the second one ?
In other words, are expressions to be evaluated indivisibly (but in any
order) ?

	Since posing my question, I have found that the VAX 4.0 CC does
the same thing.  For "table[i++]=i++;", it does "table[i]=i;" and then

					Bill Dietrich

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