VAX-11 C Questions

utzoo!decvax!cwruecmp!ordy utzoo!decvax!cwruecmp!ordy
Sun Feb 20 19:25:24 AEST 1983

	We are using the DEC VAX-11 C compiler under VMS, and have
some questions. Please mail me any answers.

	First, let me say that the compiler is a good product. We have
moved many thousand lines of Unix developed code, and outside of
some problems with initialized structures (which the compiler appears to
not handle correctly) there were no compile problems, and assuming that
the executable program deals with files for I/O, everything has
pretty much run immediately.

	However,--- We have several code segments where we do things
that are pretty Unix specific, and we need to simulate the effect under

	*) We need to execute VMS system programs, like the macro
assembler. We need to specify execution arguments.

	*) We need to execute other programs written in 'C', and
alter their 'standard input' and 'standard output'.

	Under Unix this is all pretty easy, but under VMS the documentation
does not clearly indicate a solution (at least to us). In particular,
it seems as if we need some variation on LIB$SPAWN to perform the
second item.

	Thanks for any information on doing these sorts of things.

	Greg Ordy

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