Request for C X-ref program

utzoo!decvax!harpo!seismo!rocheste!stuart utzoo!decvax!harpo!seismo!rocheste!stuart
Tue Feb 1 22:07:59 AEST 1983

I just discovered that we do not have a decent (ANY!) C language
cross reference program. Does anybody have a REAL cxref? I am looking
for something that will locate function definitions *and uses*, and give
them to me sorted by either (or both) of
  a) definition of function A
	functions called by function A
  b) definition of function A
	location of calls to function A
Something for global (and static) variables would be nice also.
Locate uses and defining (allocating) files, etc. The X-ref program
should definitely handle multiple source files.

The ctags -x option simply doesn't do the job. I need to know calls
as well as definitions. (We run 4.1bsd of 1 Sep 81 and cxref went away).

Please mail me if you have such a beast OR if you would like to
get whatever I get. Depending upon responses, I will either post
to the net and request sources be posted to net.sources, or arrange
a mailing list and let you know where to ask for the sources personally.

				Thanks in advance,
				Stu Friedberg
				{seismo or allegra}!rochester!stuart

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