C oddity -- language and/or compiler

utzoo!decvax!duke!harpo!npoiv!hou5f!hou5b!hou5c!hou5e!hou5a!mat utzoo!decvax!duke!harpo!npoiv!hou5f!hou5b!hou5c!hou5e!hou5a!mat
Thu Jan 20 08:13:16 AEST 1983

I have some speculation on the behavior of the compilers, but no REAL answers.
Here's another PCC peculiarity that someone discovered recently:
} xyz;
struct	xyz Xyz;
	many references to xyz, none to Xyz;
The PCC repeorted NO errors, the Ritchie compiler correctly tagged the
	struct xyz Xyz;
as an undefined structure `xyz' .
Speculation: The PCC would have checked the validity of the structure
definition when a reference was found to that structure.
	Perhaps Dennis and Steve Johnson would like to explain this
apparently anomalous behavior?


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