Looking for bugs in the PCC

tektronix!tekmdp!crimson!davidel tektronix!tekmdp!crimson!davidel
Wed Jan 12 09:19:12 AEST 1983

	I have been working with the PCC for a short time now and I
would like to know what bugs (if any) that everyone but me knows about.
I realize that there are many versions of the compiler. However, send
me info on anything that you suspected of being a bug on any version.
In this way I will be able to test the version I have.
	Either mail bugs to me or submit to this newsgroup if it is of
general interest. If there is enough interest, I will post a complete
list of all bugs I recieve.

	Send bugs to:	..decvax!tektronix!tekmdp!davidel

					David J. Ellis
					Tektronix, Inc.
					Beaverton, OR

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