mixing pointers and arrays

dixon at ihuxa.UUCP dixon at ihuxa.UUCP
Sun Jul 31 08:11:50 AEST 1983

1.) The routine stat() placed the binary values for 'y', 'e', 'a', and 'r'
    (NOT necessarily in that order) in the global storage location yytext
    that was defined for the global area yytext.  In the printf() statement
    the *yytext argument instructed the system to get the contents at the
    location given by the value in yytext. For the binary values of 'y', 'e',
    'a', and 'r' this is a VERY large number (assuming unsigned for character
    pointers). Much larger than the amount of memory you are apt to have on
    a VAX 780 system.

2.) If you wanted to print a string of characters using a pointer to that
    string, then you should use

      printf("%s\n",yytext);           rather than


    since yytext has been declared to be a pointer to a charcter string.

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