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Mon Jul 4 05:56:00 AEST 1983

Evidently when I made my original assertions about SIGPlan and net news I
did not make some of my points as clearly or lucidly as I had hoped. The
mail I received on some of my comments showed me some of the flaws and I
feel that some apologies and clarifications are in order. Serves me right
to flame when I am in a bad mood. I should know better...

First of all, on SIGPlan: I should have pointed out that for someone much
    closer to compiler state of the art than I am it would probably be much
    more relevant than it is to me. I still believe that the SIG publications
    in general should go through some form of referee to minimize the
    triviality or incorrectness that shows up in them.

On net news:  What I said before stands:  My only NEED for net news is  for
    the  information  I  get  for supporting Unix.  If I didn't have a Unix
    system to support I wouldn't have net news around (probably).  However,
    there is a LOT of information available on the net beyond Unix, and all
    of it is useful in one form or another to one person or another  or  it
    wouldn't  be there.  I may not PERSONALLY be interested in a topic, but
    as long as someone is, then I fully support its availability  and  use.
    My  implication that all non-essential (to me) topics should dry up and
    leave me alone was completely off-base, uncalled for, and incorrect and
    for that I apologize.

Finally, I would like to take time to thank people like Mark and Scott  who
took  the  time  to  send me very well thought out and intelligent comments
that made me sit down and think about what I said.  Its people  like  these
that  make  the  net  truly  interesting and WORK.  For all of the nameless
people who sent flames even more  mindless  than  mine  were  ('Sticks  and
stones...')  thanks for letting me know that there are others who can write
while sleeping...
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