brace styles

Nick Landsberg npl at whuxlb.UUCP
Tue Jul 26 13:13:15 AEST 1983

As for me, I prefer the contest...

	control-stmnt (expr) {
	} [ cntrl-stmnt ] {

1. More code fragments on a 24 line screen.
2. the following in the editor whos me where I have
messed up...   g/[{}]/p
or, alternatively,     grep "[{}]" foo.c

being able to see "flow of control" with one command makes
debugging easy if you forget/add some curly braces.

Just one opinion...


P.S. This discussion was beaten to death months ago.
UPshot: bugger the "cb" command to do whatever you
want it to and stop beating a dead horse!

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